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About us, HOW WE ARE

I have always thought that dreams are what give STRENGTH and SENSE to our lives. I am a dreamer.

Some years ago, my sister Maria del Mar and I had a dream: creating a brand name with our own style, and we did it real. "Pol Núñez", an Andalusian brand with a definite style and a personality all of its own.

Nowadays, I have taken control of "Flamenca Pol Núñez", leading a team made up of the best professionals, who already are part of my family and my own lifestyle.

Our team, "Flamenca Pol Núñez", wants to invest in optimism, creativity, a natural looking, calm and inner peace, which are sometimes missing in this stressful world we live in.

Our flamenco dress customers know what they want, they love colours, mixtures, laughing, the ferias of their cities or towns, the Rocio pilgrimage route, and dancing. They love what is beautiful and well done, they love innovating and good taste.

Dreams, written in CAPITAL LETTERS, are those that excite us just by thinking about them. They are close to an utopia and they are never alone, they are always accompanied by other dreams. All of them take part of our ideal way of life.

Now, creating harmony is my greatest dream, and through this webpage, showing the "Flamenca Pol Núñez" dresses all around the world: in Seville, Dubai or Tokyo.

Reinventing marketing products and selling strategies, creating affordable lines, giving the best to our customers, opening new points of sale, and discussing, giving a piece of advice, creating...basically living in a different way.

My team and I believe in this adventure and, we work every day more enthusiastically than ever in order to make our dreams come true.
We wish you the same.

Delia Núñez Pol